How to Break Your Unproductivity Cycle When Lacking Focus

November 18, 2016

How to Break Your Unproductivity Cycle When Lacking Focus

Focus was the word I heard… problems that are occurring for all of us is the inability to focus.

This inability to focus inwardly is reflected outwardly in the world as you and your surroundings are scattered and unorganized.

It creates the inability to accomplish anything in a timely manner.

Often you know you have a lot of things to accomplish, but end up doing things that are distractions instead leaving the task at hand that is important undone.

This, in turn, creates a feeling of overwhelm, inability to function, and hiding from others and yourself.

The cycle continues to create discord for you.

If you are entrenched deeply in this cycle, it can lead to disassociation from others and self. Depression is another symptom.

Once this cycle is established, it can be difficult to break. But not impossible!

It begins by:

  • Seeing the pattern for what it is
  • Seeing how it functions in your life
  • Choosing to break it
  • Committing yourself to accomplishing a new cycle for yourself

Sometimes, it is easier to begin the restructuring process by looking outside of you first.

So let’s begin there.

The tool I have found that works the best for me is my ‘to do list’ and my calendar. I create several different types of lists.

  1. To do today When you find yourself doing something that is not on this list, write it down because it will help you see where you are to make adjustments for yourself.
  2. To do by end of week
  3. To do by a specific date
  4. To do next year

I’ll explain each of these lists for you.  My to do today list is written the day before as I think of things that need to be done for the next day. As I do something on this list, I check off the task and congratulate myself.

It is important to celebrate the wins no mater how small they might seem to be. This can actually change the chemistry in your body, which, in turn, lifts your perspective onto the next task with a lighter heart. Getting things accomplished is no longer a burden. Life becomes a celebration instead!

All of this leads to my to do by end of the week list.  Because my attitude and spirits have been lifted so high and filled with gratitude, the things on this list usually get done before Friday!

My to do by a specific date list is usually governed by a class I might be teaching, company coming, or something I normally would put off like cleaning out a closet or filing paperwork. I find my attitude is so good because of everything else I have accomplished that this list become easy breezy.

My to do for next year list contains things like:

  • Get the house painted March 2017
  • Have business projects done February 2017
  • Go on vacation April 2017

Important tip: Writing them down with a date helps focus the manifestation of them being competed in a timely manner.

Now for those of you who want to go on to that inner journey with me, here is my secret – Meditation –creating an alignment within myself with my Soul and Creator.

You might be asking, “If I can’t focus, how do you expect me to meditate?” My suggestion is to start at the very beginning. Create a space in which to meditate. It can be as simple as saying, ‘I am picking this chair to sit in every morning to meditate.” Ta da it is done!

Get quiet and be comfortable in a sitting position. Limit all interruptions. Begin by quietly chanting or saying, “HU.” (how say HU? Loudly? Softly? With determination? Ease?) This is a sacred name of God. Feel the energy of it outside of yourself at first, and as you continue with the chanting, imagine bringing its sound into the center of your head.

It will begin to fill you with the frequencies of HU, the love and light of Creator.

The benefits of this is:

  1. Connects and aligns you the Divinity that creates all.
  2. Fills you with peace and love. As you continue doing this everyday, it will increase in frequency.
  3. It will spill out into your world infecting love outward to all!

That is something to be very thankful for!

Have a joy-filled month. One filled with giving thanks to yourself and others.

If I can provide you with any assistance in helping you find your focus, please contact me for an appointment.

Sending much love to all,
Rose Marie Swanson