Akashic Record Consulting

What is Akashic Record Consulting?

Akashic Records Book Emitting Light RaysIn the middle of our crazy world how does one find their way? Miracles take place every day if we just open ourselves up to them.

I feel I am very blessed because I have the ability to receive information from the Divine through the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are the Divine Recording of all things through time and space.

As a certified Akashic Record Teacher and consultant, it is a joy to be of service to others and myself with this gift of reading the Akashic Records.

Through the lineage of my teachers I learned how to enter the sacred realm of the Divine Recording of one’s existence; through a specific prayer I receive permission to open the Akashic Records for myself and others. The Bible calls it the Book of Life or the Book of Remembrances.

Edgar Casey brought forward amazing medical information from the Akashic Records. He went into a coma-like state in order to reach the information within the Records.

This is not the way of my lineage. We connect with the Records in a fully conscious state; and, yes, it does bring challenges!

You must learn to maintain neutrality and clarity to receive pure knowledge. You must be willing to unravel your illusions and know yourself so that greater levels of purity and integrity of information can be reached.

It has been and will continue to be a changing, expanding, growing, clearing, and uplifting journey and enhanced life with the Akashic Records.

I am different than I was even last week. This is what I help others accomplish for themselves when I open their Records or teach them to open their own/or others’ Akashic Records.

To live life and make decisions from a place of wisdom adds ease and grace to your existence. Working with the Akashic Records is my life. To be of service to others in this manner is part of my life purpose, and I am filled with love when working in the Akashic Records.

My connection to the Records has sustained me through many hardships. It has taught me forgiveness, strength, compassion and understanding. It has stretched me into being a better me-into that which is truth, knowing that this truth changes and grows in every moment.

There are many factors that create a great Akashic Record Consultant. The consultant must have worked and must continue to work on his/her own issues. It is my responsibility, as the consultant, to hold a position of non-judgment so that I can be allowing and accepting of wherever the client is emotionally and mentally.

Many clients thank me for not judging them. This allows the client to relax and be open to hearing the information given, which is another important factor in creating an excellent consultation experience. My clients come from all walks of life; they are doctors, lawyers, wives, mothers, fathers and religious leaders.

Once I have received permission from my client to open the Akashic Records I begin by saying a sacred prayer. I can feel a field of high frequency love surrounding me and the client. This happens even when the consultations are on the telephone.

The words of the Akashic Records are often profound and contain many layers of information for the client. This is why I often suggest that the client might want to ask questions about the answers they receive. It gives them a much more complete picture of information for their answer.

I would like to end by simply recounting a few examples of how the Records have been helpful, in a variety of ways, to my clients.

  • One parent wanted to understand why he had a mentally ill child. He believed that it was a punishment. He was told from the Records that the child was there to teach him deeper levels of love.
  • A wife whose husband was violent was given a brief description of a movie scene. This message led her to change her reactive behavior, which would one day save her life.
  • A client lost a valuable piece of jewelry at a fashion event. She was told to send an email out to the people who attended and was given the words to use. Three months later at another fashion event a woman searched her out and told my client that her daughter had the piece and that it would be returned.
  • Another client asked at the very end of a consultation, “Is there anything else the Records would like me to know that I have not asked about?” Their response was for her to be more focused and vigilant in what she did – it could prevent problems and serious accidents. A week later, in the middle of the night, her carbon monoxide detector alarmed.

    Normally, her reaction would have been to ignore it because it was most likely just the battery that needed to be replaced. Because of the warning she had received from the Records, she got out of bed and called the fire department.

    Readings for carbon monoxide in her house were so high that she probably would not have survived the night if she had ignored the alarm.

  • Often healers receive help from the Akashic Records to discover what they need to know to be of service to their clients.
  • A relationship that was considered hopeless by the wife was transformed, and she and her husband became a happy loving couple.
  • The Records gave a client designs and themes for her jewelry business. With the guidance of the Akashic Records, her jewelry has been featured in many well-known fashion magazines. She is now designing for fashion shows and movies.

I could go on and on telling stories of how consultations of the Akashic Record have helped me and my clients. There are no limits to how Akashic Record consultations can help you. Self-discovery leads to success in every area of your life.

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