How To Identify and Clear Your Perceptions of What You are Hearing

August 04, 2015

How To Identify and Clear Your Perceptions of What You are Hearing

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Don’t you find language has changed a lot over the years?

The definitions of words have changed as well. Hmmm, maybe not so much as our perceptions of the definition has changed.

This is due to the overlays of beliefs, which have been created out of our personal experiences.

How would you respond to someone saying you are authoritative?

Yes, we are creating the changes in the meanings of words for ourselves. A really good example of this might be the word responsibility. I often tease my students that it is the longest ‘four-letter’ word in our vocabulary!

Are there certain word that when you hear them you kind of cringe?

The first step to clearing this reaction to a word is to start paying attention to how you react to certain words. Ask yourself what words have a negative charge on them. Maybe words like responsibility, discipline, moral, and authority can have strong charges on them.

The second step is to care about you enough to want to change. Let me simply say here that only you can make the choice if you are valuable enough to be worthy of the effort it will take!!

Then when I have decided that change would serve me, I go to Webster’s definition of the word that I reacted to and see if or how it is different to my own definition.

Sad to say if I am reacting then often times they are differences. Some times they will be even extremely different.

I begin to journal my feelings concerning what I have discovered. Often times I have taken the definition and added my own twist to it! Sorting out the attachments I have created is very freeing. I do this by asking the why or what happened in my past to change the original definition in me.

Once I discover the why and what information I figure out how to resolve the issue.

Why do this? Easy, breezy – it gives you the freedom from the burden of the negativity. Now that the weight is gone you can fly!! Isn’t that worth it!!

Thanks! Have fun with it and experience your own freedom.

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