How to Reverse Your Worrying Into Something Positive

January 27, 2016

Worrying caution sign

My client has a chronic illness that is triggered by stress and worrying too much. 

She found out a few months ago her daughter has breast cancer.  I know you understand that “worry” is high on her emotional list. It seems unreasonable to tell a person not to worry over a loved one with cancer.

The Masters of the Akashic Records explained it this way: “Each morning Creator gives you 100 units of energy for the day.  This choice is yours as to how you spend them. To use your units of energy on worry is a waste!”

Here’s what you can do in place of worrying…

When you very first become aware you are worrying, take a deep breath and decide if you want to waste any of your precious units of energy on worry.

Ask yourself how can you use your units of energy to serve the situation?

When my client thought about it, she realized that her worrying was activating her illness.  What would serve the situation better was to use her units of energy to stay well so she could physically and emotional be there for her daughter. 

She left my office feeling happy with her new resolve to be wise as to how she spent her units of energy.

Since additional similarities to this story have surfaced just this week, I knew, as my client did, there was great value in the process to stop worrying in your life. I hope you find it as beneficial as we did.

Apply it to your life and watch the changes happen. Do you have any circumstances in your life when you can apply this technique instead of worrying? Please share below!

Love to all,
Rose Marie

P.S. Several days later I received this message from the client implementing the worry-free process in her life. An excerpt of her email:

“I went to bed one night & started worrying about everything I needed to do.  Then I began to obsess.  So I asked myself the question: How can I use these units of energy to better serve this situation?  

Answer was: I must think about how to take care of my health first.  Then the things that are important will get done when the time is right.  After that I drifted off to sleep peacefully.”