Illusionment and How Harmful Beliefs Are Affecting Your Life

August 24, 2016

Illusionment and How Harmful Beliefs Are Affecting Your Life

Have you ever thought about your state of “Illusionment” and how much of an impact it has on your daily life?

Historically, there are three stages of illusions we go through in our life:

  1. In the beginning we allowed everyone and everything around us to form our life for us. We operated under the old adage,  ‘that was how my parents did it so that is how I will do it’.
    In this stage, we behaved like a leaf falling from a tree being blown about by the wind… being led into whatever direction it took us.
  2. As we developed and began to wake up, we realized not only could we change how we were, but also that we had a right to change.
    The difficulties with this stage is that we were unsure how to do this.
    And the rebel was created during this time. Woodstock, free love, mini skirts, and wild music. I’m sure many of you can remember!
  3. Then we reach for the next level… We now are opening ourselves up to the teachings of how we co-create with Spirit.
    This also means taking responsibility for the creation of our lives.
    With this wisdom, comes a renewed sense of responsibility for personality, self and connections to the big Self: the Soul.
    This is a very special type of responsibility that brings in joy and love.

During all three phases, illusions in the form of beliefs are formed that shape our lives. And many of which can be very harmful.

For instance, here’s a typical example of an illusion we live with:

 We have to be perfect. An example of this is when a child has to be well-behaved so the mother has bragging rights as to how good her child acts, especially if another mother’s child is misbehaving.

This creates a distortion for the child in what being ‘perfect’ means.

Other illusions might be thinking you are better or less than someone else. Or your weight is too high or too low. Another might be you’re not rich enough…

Sound familiar?

How did we decide these beliefs are true and where did they come from?

Studies show that we actually begin to take on the beliefs of our parents while we are still in utero. Sadly, nearly all of the beliefs in our life we took on from others and then built on them in order to make them our own.

We gathered beliefs from our parents, school, friends, and society.  We have all been taught to have very strong beliefs in certain things in our lives.

Some serve us, but most do not.

These beliefs can create such distortion. It literally locks us into a specific position in our life that keeps us from changing.

It is like trying to look through a dirty window or cleaning just a small spot allowing you to see only a small view of the outside world.

How to Clear a Belief That’s Holding Us Back

When we discover a core belief that is holding us back we think, “Oh, I can change this one and all will be well”.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

If you want to clear a belief that is no longer serving you, you need to look deeper than just the one belief. When you do this,  you will often find there is a network of other beliefs supporting the initial belief. I often see it as a spider web when I work with clients.

An example of this might look like Peggy receiving a wedding invitation from her good friend Sue. Her first thought was positive and being very happy for her.

However, Peggy’s internal belief begins to bubble up to her consciousness and starts to think: “I am not good enough to get married.“ Peggy’s supporting beliefs are: “Everyone thinks Sue is prettier than me; I am always the bridesmaid and never the bride” etc.

The good news is, these core beliefs can be changed!  The sky is the limit – you can and will create miracles if you choose to!

By eliminating harmful beliefs, you:

  • Gain Clarity – you can now begin to see the truth
  • Clearly see the direction in your life and confusion drops away
  • Will enjoy freedom and peace – stress and worry no longer exists for you
  • Can finally live your life the way you desire – on your terms by eliminate roadblocks that have been stopping you

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well it’s entirely possible. I have worked privately with clients to help them eliminate harmful beliefs and have witnessed how life-changing it can be for them.

I have found practicing guided meditations is a powerful way to eliminate harmful beliefs and if you’re one of those people who feel “stuck” then my brand new meditation bundle called, Knowing and Expanding Yourselfwas created specifically for you to help make this the best year of your life!

Love to you all
Rose Marie