Activate Your Higher Self and Live in Love, Joy and Inner Peace

Meditation BundleToday, many people are seeking a deeper understanding of Spirit and a more meaningful way to express their spirituality.

The idea of awakening spiritually is exciting… but how to you begin?

The path to Ascension starts within. It’s a matter of letting go of what is not meant for you and connecting to the gentle vibration of peace and light that’s all around us.

The ‘Knowing and Expanding Self’ collection of meditations is designed to help you spiritually evolve and become one with your higher self.

You’ll discover who you truly are, how to expand your awareness, clear negativity, and stay grounded and calm.

This heartwarming series meets you where you are and then walks you, step-by-step, to opening up to your own spiritual awareness. You’ll receive the nurturing, love, and guidance needed to expand your personal evolution.

Get ready to deepen your spiritual practices in a way that will change your life forever!

“Knowing and Expanding Self”

This powerful series of meditations includes;
Rose Marie

  1. Who Am I (20:39)
    It is time to take charge of your own life. Call back your power and energies allowing you to be filled and integrated. Take Ownership of you.
  2. Preparing for Transformation (29:22)
    Assistance in going through change and/or transformation. This will create wisdom and ease for you.
  3. Essential Self Alignment (15:30)
    Open and re awaken the connection to your Essential Self and begin to live through that connection.
  4. Expansiveness (13:04)
    Move into an expanded state of being in order to drink in Divine Love
  5. Angel Presence Meditations (13:34)
    We are all going through many changes in our lives. During this meditation you will receive the opportunity to connect with an Angel that will be there especially for you to assist you in any way that you may need. Simply ask the angel for help.
  6. Lights of Self Love (20:57)
    We learn at a very early age to discount ourselves. In this meditation you will be offered the chance to see yourself as the Ascended Masters do!
  7. Heart Meditation (7:00)
    This is a foundational piece for all of my other meditations. Learning to enter into, experience and live through this amazing way of being will truly change your life forever.
  8. Gentle Clearing (21:48)
    A very gentle and expansive clearing. Will allow you to clear caustic energies and become centered again.
  9. Inner Child Reconnection (26:26)
    This opens up a union of sacredness which is anchored in higher Love with self and others.
  10. Standing in your power (10:46)
    Experience living through your Sacred Heart and your own power. You can create your life from this place of being.
  11. Victim Anger Energies (30:02)
    Clear your anger towards past hurts and painful experiences.

Begin the Path to Personal Transformation Today!

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