Perception: How Do You Survey The World?

September 27, 2016

Perception: How Do You Survey The World?

There is a word that has been repeatedly expressing itself to me for greater clarity. I teach about “it” to my students and clients.

I have shifted, over the past years, as I worked on releasing judgments. “It” has been strongly affected.

I am being strongly guided to live with this type of alignment of my “PERCEPTION” daily.

As I finally fully “get it” – what the Master has been telling me – I was gifted with this quote tonight (isn’t it awesome how Spirit works?).

“Without a breath of censure or criticism, [Master Matasaya] surveyed the world with eyes long familiar with primal purity. His body, mind, speech, and actions were effortlessly harmonized with his Soul’s simplicity,” from Autobiography of a Yogi.

A more recent example might go something like this: someone is taking a visiting friend to a historic spot in her town. They are driving down a scenic road with a canopy of limbs overhead and sunlight shining through.

The driver is in such a great space with all of the beauty around them.  The visiting friend says, “It’s such a shame there is so much trash on the side of the road.  It really takes away from the beauty.”

The response back is, “What trash?” She finds she has to refocus her eyes to see the trash, because beforehand there was no trash for her!!!

How do you survey your world?

What does your heart and eyes behold and what are they familiar with?

I believe my Grandmother Henson lived by this philosophy – only she discovered it in her Bible! There were only two verses that were underlined in her entire Bible.

One speaks of seeing only the good in all things, and the other speaks of what will happen if you don’t. That’s the way she lived her life.

I have no memories of her ever saying anything bad about anyone! My grandmother has always inspired me!

So I would like to challenge you all (as I am doing for myself) to survey and become familiar with that which you want in your life and your world. Not only will this change you, it will change your world!


I would enjoy hearing from you about your changes. If I can provide you with any assistance, please contact me for an appointment.

‘Til next time with love…
Rose Marie Swanson