How to Release Harmful Limiting Beliefs From Your Life

September 07, 2016

How to Release Harmful Limiting Beliefs From Your Life

In my previous article, Illusionment and How Harmful Beliefs Are Affecting Your Life, I wrote about the harmful effects of limiting beliefs and briefly touched on the process involved in clearing a limiting belief that’s holding us back.

Today I wanted to expand on that further and share a process you can work through in order to release old beliefs that are no longer serving you.  

Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs Process

Here is an exercise you can do right now to begin the process of eliminating limiting beliefs in your life.

You want to ask yourself a series of questions. Take time to journal your answers and feelings about what you discover when working through the questions.

First, choose a belief you want to eliminate.

Next, ask yourself or Spirit:

  1. How does this belief limit me?
  2. What are the benefits to having those limits?
  3. What are the benefits to having the belief eliminated?

Then list the other beliefs that have also the supported this belief.

What do you want to accomplish by eliminating this belief?

Ask what steps do you need to take to release and replace your belief.

You will find as you unravel the information and gain clarity through journaling about the belief, the decision to clear yourself of the belief will be easier and easier.

Replacing the Old Belief With a Positive New One

Now that you’ve cleared away the old belief, filling in the blank space you just created is important. You would not want a random belief given to you by someone else to be put there.

Instead let’s give your brain basic beliefs so it can begin to create new, supporting beliefs that will work for you!

We will be working backwards to accomplish this.

First, think of the ultimate belief you want to put in place.

But be careful that you are not over-reaching what is possible here. As an example, if your belief is: “I am seen and loved by all.“ Your body will probably reject that concept.

So you must start with something that is believable. Let’s break that big belief into a smaller one that will be easier to accept.

Taking baby steps will get you there quicker than you might think! Here’s a revised version of that initial belief:

“I am able to begin to show myself to others so they can see me. I allow myself to be seen by the people I think will like me. I am strong enough in my feelings that I can be seen by others. It is up to them to decide if they will like me.”

See how that is much more believable? Your body is better able to accept this new belief now.

A little warning – denying a belief or thought pattern creates an action of pushing against the belief, which only makes it stronger.

Witness the New Belief Unfold

Now that you are actively and consciously replacing the old belief, begin to look around for evidence of the new belief!

It is sooooooo important to celebrate even what you might think is a small change! It lets the universe know you are paying attention and that you want more of the same!

Divine providence will start happening without you DOING anything more.  Just keep on keeping on!

I am so excited for you and know that there will be such wonderful changes in store for you!

Please share in the comments section below your experience as you clear your limiting beliefs using the exercise described above.

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