Tips To ‘Spring Clean’ What Isn’t Working For You Emotionally

March 31, 2016

Tips To 'Spring Clean' What Isn't Working For You Emotionally

Spring bursting forth usually means it is time for “Spring Cleaning” and making room for the birthing of something new to come into your life.

Perhaps, it is time to clean on a different level. Here’s a 3-step tip to help:

  1. Find something in your life that isn’t working for you emotionally. Then, make a commitment to change it.
  2. Take time and journal on what the emotions are and what benefits you are receiving from them.
  3. Ask yourself how you can shift your perception surrounding the emotions. Please be kind and loving with yourself in this process.

It is your belief that created your perception.

Remember, most of your beliefs are not yours. You may have taken some beliefs from a parent, society, or a friend and made them yours.

If the beliefs aren’t working for you, give them back to the originator (parent, society, or friend), and start creating your own beliefs.

This will change your perception, which changes your emotional identification with it.

Easy!!! And have fun with it, don’t take life quite so seriously!

Can you think of any emotional spring cleaning you need to do for yourself today?

If you could use some help and guidance with this, your Akashic Masters are at the ready! Contact me today to schedule your session and let’s work on some emotional Spring Cleaning!