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Akashic Records Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

Your Pathway to Divine Creative Power Manifestation.

Do you feel stuck, afraid, frustrated, or lost?
Do you find yourself stuck in negative patterns?
Do you know that you were meant for something more but not sure what that is?

An Akashic record reading can provide the insight you need to move through the challenges you are facing. The Akashic records are an energetic imprint of our past, present, and future lives.

The information contained in our Akashic records offers enlightening wisdom that can dramatically transform our lives.

Your problems aren’t occurring as a coincidence. We are here in soul school. Every challenge we face is meant to further our learning, development, and spiritual evolution to help us evolve and become our highest self.

Guidance from your Akashic Masters can help you:

  • discover the lesson so you stop recurring negative patterns
  • find who is holding fragments of your soul so you can reclaim them
  • understand your true purpose and spiritual gifts
  • release yourself from the shackles of negativity
  • heal the wounded parts of yourself
  • awaken to become more fully conscious spiritually

Let me help you find the answers you are seeking.

Setup your Akashic reading now.

I look forward to helping you find the peace and guidance you are looking for.


Receive immediate guidance to your next step.
Obstacle breakthrough mentoring using the Akashic Records (The Book of Life) through the soul’s journey.
  • Immediate answers of higher wisdom to pressing questions.
  • Direction and guidance for your next step.
  • Clarity concerning love, health and abundance.
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Divine Essence

Connect to your true potential and higher purpose.
Discovery breakthrough mentoring using Divine Navigation™ to find your spiritual truth.
  • Realize the truth of who you are. Move out of realms of fear and control, and into the life of joy, love, fearlessness and freedom.
  • By removing obstacles from your life, move from difficult navigation towards smooth sailing so you can get what you want now.
  • Uncover how you are meant to live. Shift from confusion to direction.
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Divine Creative Power Manifestation

Create and manifest the life of your dreams.
Utilization breakthrough mentoring using the Akashic Records (The Book of Life) through the soul’s journey.
  • Define and understand your dreams.
  • Obtain the secrets of manifesting everything you desire.
  • Acquire the knowledge of living in abundance.
  • Gain clarity of perceptions as to what changes in your life actually are.
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