How to Let Go and Expand on Love in Your Life

February 10, 2016

How to Let Go and Expand on Love in Your Life

What do you really think and feel about Love?

Are you jaded?
Innocent and open?
Or excited?

Our society has placed so many beliefs and opinions on Love. I think it is time to realize that the old paradigm of love will not carry us into the future that is meant to be.

It is time to change!

Perhaps a better way of saying this would be to let go and expand what love is, which means – without placing the old limits on it!

Begin by looking at what your perceptions are about love.

Now look at how those perceptions place limits and expectations on the love you are holding in your heart.

Is that what you really want?

What more do you want out of loving? Take some time and write down what more you want out of loving.

Once you have your list, then make another list of how YOU can ‘be’ those things.

If you want it – be it – and it will come.

If you want romance, then be romantic.
If you want fun, then ‘be’ more fun.

Figure out ways to create this for yourself in your life.

You will be taking along those that you love with you and you will find tremendous love flowing to and from you!

Try it – you will love it!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!
Much LOVE to you
Rose Marie