How to Turn on Your Love Light of Gratitude

January 06, 2016

How to Turn on Your Love Light of Gratitude

After I woke up this morning and was heading down stairs for coffee, I heard that little quiet voice say “Where are you going to focus?”

I started to think about that.  Where was my focus? Was it on:

  • My sinuses hurting
  • My feet or body hurting
  • The things I didn’t get done yesterday
  • All the things I have to do today
  • Someone in my life that I allow to create disharmony

Yes, the list could go on and on and on!!!

You may ask, “Why does this come up?”  Don’t be disheartened. I look at these thoughts as a warning sign with flashing lights attached to it.

Does it mean beware?  No, it is simply saying that it is time to make a choice.

Intention has never been more important than now! The first four days of January are about forward movement.  Set your desires in motion.  What do you want to birth into your life?

If you don’t take the time to look at these “things”, they will continue to steal your life from you!!

Yes, I know those are strong words! They are true!!

Take your power back over the little niggling things first. Like instead of cleaning the refrigerator out with dread, choose to think about how much fun it was to cook for my family during Christmas or how my refrigerator will be cleaner when I finish. The latter makes me feel happy.

No more dread! No more extra weight!

How much weight or power do I choose to give these thoughts, people or situations?  Well, I choose to be selfish and have self-care at the top of my life’s priority.

By the way selfishness is only bad if it means you are hurting someone else.  It really doesn’t hurt someone not to be angry with him or her any longer.

We have been told by Spirit that it is time to lovingly clear these ‘things’ out of our lives so there is more room to bring in our Dreams.

Some questions you might want to ask about the things on your list:

  1. Why is this important to me?
  2. Can I feel the turbulent emotions around it?
  3. As you start to really feel the emotions, ask yourself if the emotions make you feel bad?
    If it does, this is a sure sign it is time to dump them. Low frequency emotions are the universal glue that will hold the situation and person to you like a ball and chain.
  4. Ask yourself what can “YOU” do that will make the emotions shift to a higher frequency emotion?

Remember, it is your choice as to what you want to hold in your energy fields. If you need to go from expressing anger first, then move up the levels of emotions, do it!!!!

It really is OK to run the gamut on this until you reach a point of release or shift.

Please don’t go into the “I’m spiritual so I can’t think or feel that way”.  This is only a way of avoidance. Putting your head in the sand only leaves your butt in the air where the same situation can kick you again and again until you deal with it and shift it.

Get real with yourself.


Decide if it is worth it or is valuable to continue holding on to it!!

There will come a point where it might even become silly to you and you will see how ridiculous holding on to the emotions are and choose to change your emotion; therefore, allowing you to change you perception.

In the bigger scheme of things just how important is this pain to you? You will be surprised at what you create around the situation and person that is affecting your life.

Taking self-responsibility for the outcome may help you to decide to look at it differently.

People will be who they are and guess what, there is nothing you can do about it.  You cannot force another person to change.  Only you can change you. That is your job.

For some of us we have more difficulties than others because of our attachments to our stuff.

Now that you have changed your focus (therefore changing you perception) on those things you will feel better!

Does it mean the person, place or situation has gone?  Probably not. How you feel about it is different? Yes, because your focus has changed. Everything of low frequency energy has been deflated – they weigh less. They take out less energy from you.

The magic in all of this is now there is more room for you to focus on all of the amazing things in your life.

I am soooooo grateful for my awareness of the differences in the levels of gratitude. The before and after I went through is huge. There is a sense of freedom, of no boundaries or limitation.

Why? Because there is more room for the gratitude you had already held to begin to grow!!!  Congrats!!!  Refining and redirecting your focus is a powerful way of laser-ing in on the dreams you hold without the weight of the anchor the old stuff use to hold over you.

What can you think of that you need to change focus on? Share in the comments section below!